The Igme Rain Run of July 27, 2008

Nothing would dare to stop the ride today… not the rains…
Took off from Petron at 6:30, Ryan, George, Col. tibbs, marlon, Isty, John Carmichael and me
The slippery ride to matabungkay ended in a good breakfast.
Col tibbs wasn’t able to keep up the pace as the water messed his spark plugs forcing him to drop by the pnp detachment at palico where a mechanic fixed his ride. He went back thereafter. Col. Tibbs said that we were running too fast on that rain.
Goin back, John and I decided to turn left and went to Magallanes for our lunch. The road to Magallanes was littered with dogs and idiots. A dog suddenly crossed my path and I had to brace for impact. Luckily the dog proved to be faster than my ride.

We were stalled by the big rain and since we have no recourse but to ride in the rains, we did so at an average speed of 70kph on a road back littered now with leaves, branches, puddles and mud.

Arriving intact, John decided to leave the bikes on the rain so it could wash itself…. nice idea…


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