Was on the move last Sunday to Matabungkay when the 954 died on me when I switched on the Head Lights. There was nothing I could do to bring it back to life and finally decided to call a van to pick me up. G and Isti went on as planned while Butch decided to return home.

After the 10 o’clock mass at Little Souls, I decided to bring my laptop where the 954 manual was stored and took on the job of finding for trouble. The manual started at the ECM wires, then the relays. I had to take down the tank and rear fenders to access major wirings. It is almost 7 and was planning to call it a bad day. Finally, the fault was found on the wiring going to the multimeters on front and the wiring of the head lamp itself. They were so lose that when turned on, all the other electricity supplies would shut off.

When we got hold of the 954, it already has its grounding kit. I know now why there’s a grounding kit installed by the previous owner. However, their only problem was not finding the exact location where the fault lies. The grounding kit is not needed. It’s only a matter of finding the exact trouble and solving it. Cleaning the wires did the trick as it can be seen that there mounds of ants under the fuel tanks that are causing electrical problems on some other connections.

The 954 is now fine. Ready again for its rides.

Additional lesson is learned as i know now how to make those LED signals blink. Expect a hazard to be installed too.


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