ATTN: please fill up ASAP



Amboy:  code name: TIN : Id.Card :

Hotrod: TIN : ID CARD

Sleeper:   TIN, id, email address, full address, birthdate

Dreamer:  birthdate, email, id

Trooper:  birthdate and full address at BAcoor, email address, ID

CBR: birthdate, TIN, ID

The joker:  bday and TIN, email, ID

Ryan: full address, TIN, email, ID, code name

Mel: TIN, code name, email, id

Ding GAsic: full name, full address, tin, email, id, code name

Christian: code name, tin, id,

Joseph Emmanuel Mendoza: codename, tin, id

Ralph:  codename,  id, full address

Milnore Corpuz: codename, id, tin, full adress

Cyrk :  codename, tin, id

Bong: codename, tin, id, full address

ALSO, PLEASE PAY THE AMOUNT OF P1K to the treasurer.

note: ID Card shall be used for notary purposes, it is any valid ID i.e. license, FA License, SSS Id ,  we need date of issue or expiration of id card, ID No. , Place issued.   If you have no TIN no. please get one from BIR asap.  The Sedula is not anymore accepted.

OR YOU CAN JUST DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM, FILLER UP, AND FAX IT TO 046-4131289 (ask for fax tone)  If the form will not fit on one page, change font to Calibri,  Size 11


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