ride of march 1, 2009

Route:   Silang Shell to Coral Matabungkay

Riders:  Sleeper, Dreamer, Ryan, Mustang, Aday, Hotrod, Tiger, Striker, Joker, Rain

Speed today: 150kph  average, top speed is  200kph  going down  and 130kph on ascent.

Absent: Ice Tea, CoBRa,

Late take off today.  Club had to wait for Striker who overshoot his sleep. Had late hours with CoBRa and Joker the night before.  Fast pace was established by Rain with Ryan swerving in front and Sleeper securing his signal to pass.   Big space occurred on the fast pace resulting in 3 riding packs.  This is beauty of having a REAR Marshall in the person of DREAMEr, who contained his adrenaline and performed his task so well.

Arriving at Coral is a different day today, we were welcome by Dory who was in shorts.   The maniacal eyes of the Club had her running to the quarters.

Breakfast was rather faster this time.  It was topped off by a lot of feasty legs on the other table, looking though like whores with korean shitheads.

Time was consumed by signing of the SEC papers.  The original papers were drench with water last Wednesday when Tiger took it home for signing by Aday.  Later, Mel and CoBRa joined us at Petron on the way back and signed the papers.   For the record, Mel is on a bike for the first time after his serious accident.   He has to contain he trauma though, and according to him, he feels some jolts when an underbone is near.

Goin up from Caltex at Calaca, RAIN maintained a good pace, sometimes hitting even 130 kph on some straights.  Aday was left behind as he forgot to gas us.  Good thing, Dreamer is there on the assist.

Nice job RAIN and DREAMER.

for the record:  Police Officer Manalo of Noveleta tried to ride with us but was not able to join as far as Matabungkay due to defective tires.   You are welcome sir to join us always.

Lessons  learned today:

1.  use engine brakes rather than the brakes itself on the twisties.

2.  Throttle on the middle of the curve.

3.  Late take off means more danger due  to greater number of motorists and pedestrians.


One thought on “ride of march 1, 2009

  1. i would like to take this opportunity to thank the group for the patience, the diligence to wait for me in last sunday’s ride(mar 1) to batangas.

    i was planning though to take that ride even by myself to catch up with the group in matabungkay ‘coz i wouldn’t want to miss the fun and the camarederie of the group..not to mention the exhilaration of trekking that zigzag road back to home base..

    mustang even went out of his way to check on the group. yes, starting up late means a lot of delays and obstructions on the road which spoil the fun and thrill of riding..

    thanks again guys..

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