Suzuki 750 K5

goods are coming in… for suzuki 750

for the gixer 1K

new look for the 750

installed AM Parts

  1. Attack rear sets
  2. HEL braided hoses
  3. Pazzo Racing shorty brake lever
  4. Pazzo Racing shorty clutch lever
  5. Yoshimura Duplex Full System Exhaust
  6. Power Commander III USB
  7. Dynojet Quickshifter
  8. Dynojet Rod Sensor Shift Rod
  9. Harris Exhaust Bracket
  10. Rear Fender Eliminator
  11. Pig Spotter (concave mirrors)
  12. Corona Sticker Set for WSB
  13. Puig Buble Windscreen
  14. Carbon Lorraine Brake Pads
  15. LED front Turn Signal lights

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