March 15 Ride of Club Rhino

Riders: Mel, Hotrod, Sleeper, CoBRa, Tiger, Rain, Dreamer, Mustang  and Derrick (Addict sa Kurbada)

for the record:   This is MEL’s first ride after his freak conference with the Undertaker.

Tagaytay is slippery with the sudden morning rain.  Meet up at Petron was rather late.  Another delay on the way when Dreamer broke his right rear set.  Local “kawad” did the temporary repairs.   The first pack sped up to Palico while Mustang and Sleeper had to assist Dreamer.   Club 200 went speeding along.

Coral treated us from some feast on the eyes, at least.  Derrick signed up and paid his 1K too to join the Team.

Goin back was faster since it was rather late and we had to catch up on the morning mass.

Here’s RAIN with his leather (balat) background….


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