Club Rhino is riding with Col Zafra at MARILAQUE…. TODAY

RIDERS:   Striker, Joker, CoBRa and PD Zafra

Tiger and Aday was at meet up point, they did not meet.


One thought on “MARILAQUE

  1. the marilaque ride was quite an experience.. wow so excitng and so challenging..never ending twisters that at times we long for the was both a ride and sightseeing at the same time..after a sumptous brunch at a resort in tayabas quezon, of whom many of the staff are familiar to col zafra we went up to view lake caliraya on our way back.. of course the route to the lake is full of twisters too..
    thanks to col zafra..a very good biker and a very generous host..though i was aching all over my body after that almost 400 km ride..i would say i wll take that ride again anytime..
    rain was supposed to join us but the bed got gthe better of him..we missed tiger and ryan also at the meeting place.. next time guys..don;t miss it..see yah..

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