Ride Summary:
Meet up at Shell Silang Bypass
on the meet: RR, Zapper, Iron Man, Mustang, joker and sir STRIKER
take off: 830am, Joker and Striker left behind at Shell
arrived coral: did not check time,
Mustang paid bill (only 1,300)
gas up at Caltex Lemery
up payapa,
Zapper took a left at kaytitinga on his way to Caylabne
Rest of pack petron

Zapper’s Zx12R has got some braking problems, but it doesn’t annoy the Zapper at all.
Zapper’s ability is great, but the bike’s too big for him.
Mustang marshalled on the way down at the rear but took lead on the way up, only to find there’s nobody at his back on a 160 trail up
RR couldn’t wait any longer and chased the Mustang.

Nice sweat….

Bikes: K5 suzuki 750, ZX12R, Blackbird, 08 CBR 600rr


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