TRACK DAY DEC. 12, 2009

Riders: Sleeper, RR, Mustang, Rain, Matrix. Looks like the Rhinos are chickening out. The numbers are thinning.

This is a very fine day for a ride. Loading the bikes on Rain’s truck delayed us a lot for lack of harness to secure individual bikes. Some prodding of the mind had the two bikes secures by one long harness.

ATAT riders were at BRC as well. As usual, RR gave them some lessons.

Mustang brought Highlander’s bike and had to suffer on his speed as he is held bike by some thoughts that he cannot spill a brother’s bike. Not the case with Matrix. This newest Rhino rider had his 400Kawi scraping the tarmac at the first corner, losing his foot peg on the process. A lot of lessons were learned by Matrix and he’s very proud of them.

Rain was not riding at his peak. Looks like he has developed some trauma with BRC. He was frustrated more on the pics rather than the ride.

Sleeper attacked the track and would not remove his suit until the last minute when all the energy has drained.

Here are some pics


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