Sleeper looks back at BRC

Posted at the Rhino Forum on Jan 10, 2010, 6:41pm

“Riders were RR , Sleeper, Tiger, Jojo and Al from Flipmoderider, San Diego, USA. We had some truck problems but managed to travel safely to the track. Rain’s truck was used to transport the bikes of Tiger and Jojo to BRC. I rode RR’s trailer. We arrived at 10:30am.

I set-up the Power Commander and gearing on my R1 the day before. RR and i checked our bikes’ tire pressure and chains. Then we began to run the bikes on the track. As usual RR was fast.

I rode with the guest rider, Al, riding the 848 Ducati of Jojo. I overtook once on the first corner, then let him pass. When we were on the Yamaha turn, Al low sided, blocking my racing line. I’m gonna hit the back tire. The only option was to lean again the bike up to the limit. I softy braked and throttled down then leaned. My tire slipped and I  hit the low side. Thank god my R1 did not hit the Ducati. We both made it safely. We put the bikes at the pit area. My R1 lost a shifter peg. Too bad for me, my adrenalin rush was high back then even while suffering a shoulder, back, thigh ache due to the crash.

Then the Ducati runs on track again. Jojo rides with Tiger.

Tiger got a  low side crash hitting his collar bone hard on the track. What a bad fall, I thought. RR rushes Tiger to the nearby hospital for immediate help.

While we were waiting on the track, Al rode the Ducati on the track and I borrowed it also for 3 laps.

After at least 3 hours there,  RR arrives. RR rode again while Jojo was contented to take pictures.

What a ride! that was my first ever spill. I  enjoyed BRC. This is why I applied for full (Club Rhino) membership. See you guys again…”

Photos courtesy of Jon Papa of flipmoderiders


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