LMFI … somepix

Thanks very much to TIGER for leading the assistance team….

also present…Trooper… Mustang… Matrix

Rey Sarmiento


7 thoughts on “LMFI … somepix

  1. hello Rhinos

    can anyone link me to the LMFI web site?
    does it still exist?

    thank you-
    keith robinson RoadRatsMC Laoag City RPI/ Hacksaws Garage Ct USA

  2. LMFI still exist, that pic was taken last lmfi run and convention. Will try to secure the web site.

  3. mustang-
    i know the LMFI still exists because the RoadRats belong to it and we had some members at that convention.

    i am in the usa at this time, so i thought i could read about the convention on the LMFI web site. i used to.
    i found your blog while trying to search for the federation website.

    i must say the Club Rhino is looking good!


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