CBBC minutes of mar 4.2-11

Mario Nazareno created a doc “Minutes of CBBC meeting Mar.4, 2011 at Barlan St.”.
Due to my absence, I was unable to take attendance. This minutes was recorded by Frans Nazareno.
1)Review of Tagaytay Bike meet last Feb.27th.
a) Payment of CBBC dues to LMFI in the amount of P2000 was advanced by Douglas.
2) MFMCP convention on April 29-May 1 @ Davao
a) The club has 1 free page in the souvenir program and the deadline for submission of the copy was on March 15th and is supposed to be taken cared of by Ray Santos.
b) Last day for online registration is March 30
3) Uniform design has been assigned to Gener.
4) It was suggested that yearly dues for new members is P100 and P50 for old members with a monthly dues of P30. This matter was not discussed during the meeting.
5) There was a suggestion for a club ride to Silang on March 20th to be coordinated with George Medina.
6) The next meeting was set for March 18th at 7:30 pm at Barlan.
7) collection from the last meeting was P360, P580 from the Feb.18 meeting and P1,400 from the Feb.4 meeting. There was no mention of expenses incurred so far and what time the meeting was started and adjourned.
Posted by Mario Nazareno


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