CBBC MEETING hosted by Club Rhino

On April 10, 2011 after the morning ride.

The meeting was called to order by Atty. Billy at approximately 12:30pm at the Finger Express restaurant at Km.88 Tagaytay City. Present were 33 attendees from the Club Rhino, Cavite Big Bikes Club, Cavite Lady Bikers, Patriots Club and 125 Riders.
On the Agenda was the signing of the incorporation documents which shall be called “Motorcyclist Federation of Cavite, Inc.”.
Atty. Billy mentioned that 2 representatives from each club shall be part of the incorporators, and these are: Shiela and Lei from the CLB, Dinky and Danny for RaCoDA, Ray and Mario for CBBC, Gener and Raffy for the Patriots, George and Sherwin for Club Rhino and Omon and Willie for the 125 Riders. Atty. Billy reminded those who have not submitted their TIN nos to do so.
Other matters- An overnight outing at Matabungkay originally suggested by George of Club Rhino was taken up and it was suggested by Jojo of CBBC to hold it instead at Nasugbu as he is from there and can help with the logistics. It was suggested that in order to keep the expenses low, the participants would sleep in tents but a room will be acquired so that the CR can be used and for valuables to be secure. A contribution will be taken so that food can be purchased at the local market and cooked at the venue. mario said that he has 2 extra tents, 1 can sleep 5 and the other can sleep 2. Jojo has 2 tents that can sleep 2 each.
There being no other matters, the meeting was closed at about 1:30pm after all the club representatives had signed the incorporation papers.
No date was set for the next meeting


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