Striker – Past President

Provincial Administrator of Cavite Amboy Velazco
JULY 11, 2010 Our President bade us goodbye. We pray for your peace.


“So you think you are fast…then why are you behind me.”

BIKE:   Honda CBR 600RR

Helmet:  Arai

Gears:  Joe Rocket


15 thoughts on “Striker – Past President

  1. That style is a countersteer.

    The best position is to move your upper body first then move your lower body afterwards. The upper body should be more in lean than the lower body. In tight leans both body should be outside the straight line, para maganda ang porma. Referring to the pic again, the left arm should be straight as it may get, the right arm is bent, and the body hugging the tank. Depending on the lean, the eyes are focused on the target direction, and almost seeing the track under the line of your right side mirror.

    What is the position of the toe then? Before approaching the corner, the bike must be in your preferred gear already (usually 2 or 3). REferring again to the pic above, your right toe (not heel) must rest on the peg, pointing outwards, so that you knee will be pointed outwards too, pointing to the asphalt. Notice that your knee hugs the bike still while on the turn. Your left leg should then be hugging the bike, with your left toe (not heel) still also on the peg.

    I observe that in leaning, the following parts of the body move like a team. Body moving out of the bike to the lean direction (example: to right), toe on the peg, knees point out, left leg clipping the bike to force it to lean, right arms folding, left arms straightening, neck and eyes finding the level, eyes pointed to the direction of the bike.

    One effective thing, the eyes hold the body. This means that when your eyes are focused in going to a direction, your whole body follows.

  2. he knows how to go slow and knows when to put up speed, sunod lng yan sayo, pero dont go too slow sundutin ka nyan, pag nainip ahitan ka nyan…..

  3. salute to this man. who would think that a man in his forties would ride like a teenager.
    the name “stiker” for me suits him very well coz he does strike anywhere and he definitely knows what to do whenever he strikes.

  4. no more voting , he won already, for jons campaign….. a legacy lives ..ones a rider always a rider …rider that never sleeps… beware !he’s fast..

  5. Sir thank you sa invitation last 27th of march. Sarap ng pagkain, pasensya ho na di namin naubos inumin na inihanda nyo saamin, an laki kasi ng lalagyan…..pool!hehe

  6. maloko talaga c brother mel hahaha kala ko kung ano ung good news…CASA ULAN DAW…ang alam ko babaeng LABRADOR ung nandun kc breeder farm un…

  7. hello sir,

    people of cavite needs you badly. be in tip-top shape as soon as possible. get well sir.

    with all support sir and prayers for your recovery.

  8. Sir Striker, Almost christmas ,We miss you!And im very sorry i was not there in your last ride, and maybe if i rode that day with you i controlled your great adrenalin rush on riding and preventing the accident giving you more time pa but only God knows..Kung nasan po kayo ngayon Im sure your happy.. Salamat Po sa mga suporta at tulong sa grupo….at sana nakapagbigay kami ng ligaya sa inyong buhay kahit kaunti. we pray for your peace!Lets dance the rhino wave!

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