12 thoughts on “The Sleeper -Past President

  1. i never got the chance to say “thank you”. you made me feel welcome.

    you always made it a point that i would go with the club and ride. you guided me on how to ride properly eventhough there was this incident that i nearly ate sugarcane which was loaded on the truck. i know that you’re going to knock yourself out laughing with this!!! :):):)

    huwag mo na ulit akong tatawanan ikaw ang mentor ko eh, promise d ko na sasabayan c ryan,mel,christian at sherwin sa upakan! hahahah! 🙂

  2. iba tlga yan c brother george very open sa ksama since sumama ako sa ride….alng problema sa tropa…ang babait nyo lahat…..your great hehehehehe

  3. my bro,package kami nito, galing magmotor nito sleeper ka nga ,pag nakakita ng curve malayo pa naggcing na, raratrat na yan, addicted to sa mga curve,hehehe…galing mo

  4. will miss the ride today guys…will just spend the whole day sunbathing at waikiki beach and watch the beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis pass by.. ano say ninyo? hahaha..have fun..

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