IceTee – Purse


CodeName:  ICE  TEE
Helmet: Shoei
Gear: Komine

Know how to ride.  Follow ICETEE.  Be sure your heart can take a beating.

hataw na

hataw na

hataw pa

hataw pa


11 thoughts on “IceTee – Purse

  1. if you’re a newbie and trying to learn how to ride a bike, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUY’S LEAD! he’s a daredevil, an “Evil Knievel” of the bunch. 🙂

    Great riding bro. You’re one of my idols! Tsk, Wish i could be as good as you…

  2. pare dahil sa mahal ka namin, nag cheap in tropang dasma, para ipatanggal ang island sa tapat ng arcontica. Pagbalik mo, wala na yun dun promise, sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. pare ang laki ng problema ng municipality of dasma, kasi na dis allign yung island sa arcontica. Walang mabiling pyesa, di rin ma press.

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